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Providence Baptist Ministries

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About Providence Baptist Ministries

PBM is an independent Web based ministry that provides a variety of Christian material published for the use of those that cannot afford, cannot find, or assimilate this valuable material. This ministry was first started by Loyal Webb and Dr. Ron Cook back in the mid 90’s with the initial goal of placing A.W. Pink’s work on The Sovereignty of God on the Internet. It was quickly discovered that God’s plan far exceeded man’s plan. PBM has expanded beyond our greatest hopes and wildest expectations. Presently, the site is run and administered by Ron Cook and Julie Posey and is a non-funded ministry.

Presently PBM has more than 200 works that have been scanned, edited, and updated to contemporary language with the addition of standardized parenthetical scripture references. Most of A.W. Pink’s works can be found and the work done by PBM was used by permission by AGES software to produce a CD of A.W. Pink’s works that is now available for purchase. Also, PBM was instrumental in the accumulation of material for “John Gill’s Complete Works” made available through Baptist Standard Bearer and AGES Software.

In 2008, PBM teamed with the ministry of Dick and Dixie Swisher and has provided space for the “Treasure Chest of God’s Gems” that features the writings of the great Reformers and Puritan Saints of God. This page is just what it says, a Treasure Chest! There is a massive amount of material placed on this site on a monthly basis that in and of itself is beyond comprehension and exists as a reference library and valuable research tool.

In May 2011, Julie Posey joined our ministry and has begun the task of updating our Web site. Her goals are to update the existing content, add new features, and work to further this valuable ministry and make it something that provides some of the best material of the past and present.

Also included on PBM are the pages found to the left under the Menu, each page containing massive amounts of Reformed theological works.

Many of these pages are works-in-progress and continue to grow as material is scanned, edited and added to the site.

In Christ,

Ron Cook

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